Statement Pieces of Jewellery

If I was to describe what we do at the Pearl and Bead Company, is that we design and make statement pieces of jewellery. A unique statement piece  allows women to step out of the mundane and define themselves as unique, confident, passionate, and interesting people. Statement jewellery is nothing new, but many women will avoid wearing bold accessories because they do not feel comfortable stepping out of their comfort zone. By considering these eight tips, women can find statement pieces of jewellery that will make a positive statement to the wearer as well as the public.

The History of Statement Jewellery
For thousands of years, people have used clothing and accessories to portray who they are. Such items have long symbolized class as well as religious and cultural identities. Consider Jackie O’s trademark black sunglasses. Above and beyond keeping the sun out of Jackie’s eyes, they symbolized who Jackie was. People continue to use accessories, mainly jewellery, to make statements about who they are and what they value. Continue reading

A Woman Needs Ropes and Ropes of Pearls.. Coco Chanel

Happy New Year to all our Customers,  I do hope you have all had an amazing Christmas and New Year. The Pearl and Bead Company is really looking forward to 2017.

So much has happened these last few months that I can’t wait to share all the news with you. Firstly, we are now the preferred jewellery partner for Cleatham Hall, an amazing wedding venue in Lincolnshire. Cleatham Hall is a small unique venue set in lovely grounds with the most divine bedrooms and bathrooms. ( Do checkout their website

What this means to the us is that we can work exclusively with Brides, their friends and families to create beautiful unique designs just for them.

This Christmas, also saw the creation of new branding for the company, a specially commission design has been created for the Pearl and Bead Company and will soon feature on our website and Facebook

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When and How to Wear Jewellery

P1020447Ladies, how and when we wear our jewellery is extremely personal and everyone is different, we all have a unique tastes, some overlapping and some so far out that we  do a double take. What is very obvious and the feedback that I get from all my customers is that they want to be individual, buying a unique piece of jewellery allows them to create a look that is very much around how they feel and the impression that they want to create. My blog today is whether there are any rules surrounding how and when you wear your jewellery… Continue reading

It’s Getting Hotter….

blog1Today the weather outside is beautiful,  which does make a change from the amazing amount of rain we have had over the last few weeks, but that hasn’t stopped me from being inspired to create beautiful, bright and pretty jewellery for you all to wear all the time.

Ladies, it has been universally agreed that  we all need to be more exciting this year, wear more dramatic colours and enjoy feeling great when we wear something different and eye catching. At the Pearl and Bead Company I am constantly looking for inspiration from where ever I go and whatever I see, and this is paramount to creating designs and pieces of jewellery that work again and again.

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Summer Time

P1020428Calling All, I am writing this whilst aboard a Ryanair flight to Pisa. As you all know, since I continually tell my customers, I have a house in the Tuscan hills and have been fortunate to source an amazing supplier where I buy a copious amount of my beads to design my jewellery. I haven’t been since last year and my stock is now on its last legs so to speak.  I have been known to drag my unsuspecting friends there on the pretence that this is part of their sight seeing trip when they come to visit. Anyway, back to the point I am on my way to Italy not just to purchase gorgeous pieces of glass but to continue refurbishing my 1940’s property that my husband and I purchased in 2012, so you now know where my passion for vintage comes from.

The Pearl and Bead continues to grow and the brand is really taking shape now, when I first started the company, I welcomed feedback from my customers and still do, one of the reviews was that they had purchased an amazing product but the packaging could be better. Fair point, but when you start a business for the first time, you don’t realise how much you have to consider, and despite being an accountant by trade I have had to learn so much. Not only do you have to create a product that people want and covert, you need to understand how to use social media, create your own website, take photos and learn to write a blog or two.

We are one on the 31st May and wow the last year the company has really changed, we have finally finished designing the brand, and the Pearl and Bead Company now have their own packaging which is a luxury black box with our logo in silver, all our smaller boxes will also be in black, our items will be lovingly wrapped in white or black tissue paper and all come with our business card, a far cry from the multi-coloured organza bags we started with, so to all our customers old and new it will not only be a pleasure wearing our products but opening the packaging will be pretty great too.

We are also changing our products all the time, we are now embarking on our summer range which will include a range of pink quartz, turquoise, gold, baby  blue and the warm tones of oranges, lilacs and fuchsia pinks to excite you. Previously in the past we have sold silver bracelets that have been a huge success but we don’t think that’s all we need to do, everyone seems to love wearing bracelets so in the next few weeks we care creating some amazing new designs using all the colours we use in our necklaces.

We have been approached by a number of people keen to actually get our products in the shops and galleries which is so exciting, we will make a completely different range for them so you can be assured that what you buy from me when I am at a trade fair or on the website is not being duplicated. I really want to stress that we want you to wear our jewellery and be confident that you are wearing a limited edition piece, an item made by hand and is not going to be replicated 100’s of times. We can also create the one off bespoke item for you to enjoy again and again. You may or may not know but we are happy to sit down with you and discuss you requirements and if we can make it we will.

As yet we are only in discussions with potential distributors and as soon as we know the locations we will let you know. We are also working with Britain Does Vintage and recently went to an amazing vintage fair at the Forum in Norwich, despite the 4.45am start on Saturday 22 March, what can I say, an amazing venue, great people and really well organised, we met some wonderful people, sold lots of beautiful jewellery, introduced some new packaging and have further developed our stand which we now have down to a fine art. A number of people commented on how beautiful our designs were and hopefully they will all come back to us for their next purchase.

Anyway, back to the point I started with, as I was saying I am off to Italy, where for the next few weeks I will spend my time creating my new designs, the weather is supposed to be good and sitting outside in the sun creating my designs will definitely inspire me to create some beautiful, elegant and trendy pieces of jewellery. I am also keen to source some more Italian glass pendants, my customers love them and teamed with a long silver necklace really go down a storm. They look so elegant and each piece is individual as they are all handmade.

I will keep you posted through the blog and on the website where we are going to be in the next few months, the next event is at Houghton Hall, the horse trials are on and we are there from all four days, where I will be showcasing all my new designs as well as creating a limited number of specials.

When I get back work is going to start on my new studio, in the past I have had to work in my office and that has become a little tedious, now I am going to have my own studio ( don’t get excited only the size of a double bedroom), where my customers can meet me to discuss their requirements, see some prototypes and where I will be creating my jewellery. I will also be changing how I display my pieces of the website, we are moving away from the black and white busts and now we are displaying them on beautiful weaved grey busts, white background, which will display them at their best, we are also going to be taking at least two photographs of each piece so you can really see the item in detail.

Just as an aside, I have just finished my buying trip and wow the beauties I have purchase includes, pink quartz, moonstone, black onyx and lots of red, pale blues and some absolutely stunning mother of pearl necklaces in fuchsia pinks – keep a look out on the website where in the next few weeks all my new designs will be uploaded.



P1020447Calling All, today my blog is all about my designs and what inspires me to keep on designing pieces of jewellery for you all to love and wear. Not having studied formally the art of designing jewellery, leads many of my acquaintances to ask if I am am having a mid life crisis.   I have been passionate about accessories for as long as I can remember, the thrill of buying a beautiful wrapped handbag, a lovely piece of jewellery makes me feel great. Over the last few years, my enthusiasm has waned somewhat, jewellery on the whole is made with cheaper materials, one design but in many colours and that I feel is incredibly sad.
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What’s hot for 2016

P1020428Calling all,  a burning question keeps coming to mind, are we avid followers of the fashion runways ? Do we wait with baited breath for what’s hot straight from the catwalk ? The subject today is about what the jewellery trends are for 2016 . From the Pearl and Bead Company’s perspective we are keen to ensure that are designs are expression of an individuals style. Jewellery is a small luxury that reflects your personality and 2016 looks like a year whereby we are focusing on individuality, it’s about making it your own, mixing tones, contrasting colours, and layering.

Today their is a desire to own a piece of jewellery that is delicate, beautiful but also robust enough to wear with that little black dress or a pair of jeans. There is also a real trend towards heirloom pieces, those pieces that can be worn and then passed on to generations and that is where the Pearl and Bead Company can help you buy that piece of jewellery that can last a life time.

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We are going vintage

Calling all, the Pearl and Bead Company is going all vintage ! We can’t help but be inspired by the past, whether it’s the 20’s 30’s 40’s of naughties we are seriously motivated by the bygone era. The designs are classic and can be worn again and again and we like that.  Did you know that the beaded necklace has been around a seriously long time. In fact some have gone so far to say that people have been wearing ornaments as much as a hundred thousand years. Now when I say ornament I do not mean the sort of thing one has on the side board I mean a form of personal decoration.  So when we are talking vintage these little babies fill all those boxes.

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Spring is in the air

P1020018Calling all, apparently Spring is in the air! It must be because every magazine I look at has a reference to pastel shades, flowers budding etc etc etc. Excuse me but as a write this blog it is absolutely freezing outside. It has been raining all day and we at the Pearl and Bead Company got drenched today when we attempted to load all our pearls in the car after a great day at Buxton Hall, Derbyshire.

Did you know we do actually mingle with our customers, you are able to handle the bootie before you actually splash the cash, pick the length, the colour and even talk to us for as long as you like about that special piece of Jewellery that you need.

Did you notice how I used the word need, using the word need just reaffirms that a piece of jewellery from the Pearl and Bead Company, is necessary. Needs are distinguished from wants in that, in the case of a need a deficiency will cause a clear adverse outcome, and not having a piece of jewellery from us is really quite distressing.

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Mother’s Day

P1010912Calling all, Mother’s Day is fast approaching, this year Mother’s Day falls on Sunday 6 March, so now is the time to think about what you will be buying that special person in your life.

History behind the day

Mothering Sunday isn’t just about mums but celebrates mothers and all mother figures such as grandmothers, stepmothers and mothers-in-law and everything they do. Originally the ancient Greeks celebrated Mother’s Day, they dedicated an annual spring festival to maternal goddesses. The  ancient Romans also celebrated a spring festival called Hilaria which was for a mother goddess called Cybele.

The UK started celebrating Mothering Sunday way before the Americans,  however,  we have actually only been celebrating this day less than a hundred. Today over 46 countries celebrate the day and has become a day mum’s look forward to.

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